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Educational Placement & Programming

Our clients are families with children and young adults with disabiities from across the Philadelphia area. We specialize in assistng low income families, those experiencing multiple stressers, or complex neuro-developmental disorders. Our services range from helping families to find special needs or inclusive private and public schools, to suggesting ways to improve individualized educational plans, or treatment or services plans. We are experienced at resolving disputes with educational programming at public schools, including attendance at IEP meetings and mediations.

Our Philosophy

We believe in maximizing self determination, social integration and the learning potential of students.

Peer Mentorship

Having developed a successful model of peer mentorship for college students with autism in the Drexel University DASP program, EdMent Consulting is expanding the DASP model to make it accessible to individual families.

Peer Mentor Training & Employment

Peer mentors are college students or recent graduates with an interest in working closely with students with disabilities to help them obtain objective and measurable goals towards self-efficacy, social success, indepence, and academic accomplishement. Mentors will have the opportunity to become more aware of and to embrace neurodiversity while gaining valuable experience that can be used in future careers. Mentors are not counselors or wrap-around staff -- rather they act as role models in a reciprocal relationship with mentees. If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please send a cover letter and resume to EdMent Consulting.

Now recruiting Employer Mentors

Employer mentors are small business owners who would be interested in hiring a person with a disability well-matched to the employer's needs and tasks. The employer agrees to learn about how to accommodate the individual with disability from our professional staff. Employer mentors are compensated for their time training and supervising interns with disabilities during the employment period. If you are a potential employer interested in pursuing this opportunity, please use the "contact us button."

Self Advocacy Manual

Successful college students are able to self-advocate and self-assess their needs. We are developing a self-advocacy guide to college that will soon be available online at no cost.